3 Ways to Help Your Kids Cope with Divorce

When a marriage is dissolved, and there are children, it is the children that get caught in between their parents. Younger children will probably not understand what a divorce means, and older children may understand just enough to become overwhelmed by their feelings, self-doubt and confusion. Divorces are often the result of feuding adults, and a professional from family law tampaflorida, for example, will guide the parties through the legal aspects. While divorce proceedings are occurring, though, it will be up to you help your kids cope.

Here are three ways that you can help your children cope with divorce.

Be Honest

While you can limit the information you share your children, you are advised to be honest with them in regards to the basic facts. Explaining to your children what a divorce is and how it will affect their lives, thereafter, is vital. It prepares them for the changes that are about to happen, especially if a move will be involved. Inquisitive children will ask why the divorce is happening. If you choose to go into these details, it is a good idea to exercise sound judgment and tact.

Do Not Badmouth Your Ex

If your children want to know why you are divorcing their other parent, and you decide to share some information, you are advised not to badmouth your ex. The issues that you were not able to resolve with your former spouse are not issues that your children have with their other parent. Maybe your ex’s messiness finally got the best of you. Your children, on the other hand, probably never noticed. If you do not have someone to confide in during your divorce, do not turn to your children. Find a family member of friend, instead.


Whether or not you were the party that filed for divorce, chances are high that you are going to experience an array of emotions. Your children are also going to experience an array of emotions during and after the proceedings. Children, thanks to growing up, already go through emotional phases. Adding a divorce on top of that could amplify how they feel. If they lash out, become reclusive or unpredictable, it is your job to keep the lines of communication open.

A divorce is difficult. Being honest, not badmouthing your ex and communication can help your children cope.