Where to Go in Semarang for Just a Day

Upon thinking about where to go in semarang, things could be a little bit complicated. The city is indeed one of the most populous in Indonesia but it is also one of those places in the country that receives less than enough exposure in terms of tourism domestically and even more so internationally. Semarang is a city that boasts a collection of rich ethnic cultures and heritage and this should be enough a reason for anyone to visit it. The moment you arrive at the city, an atmosphere that is rich in old-style and retro feel will immediately envelope you. Semarang is an old city that is a melting pot of culture coming from different countries outside of Indonesia, with Chinese, Arabic, and Indian being some of the most prevalent. European influences also appear in the city, especially in the form of architectural styles and landmarks, mostly of Dutch.

When it comes to where to go in semarang indonesia, you need to scrap all the previous experiences you have had in Indonesia off. The city is not like any other places in the country, ultimately those whose popularity has expanded globally. It is not big in its beaches, for starter, so anyone coming to the city in anticipation the kind of tropical getaway is in for a disappointing moment. While there are modern installments of facilities in Semarang, it might be a little difficult to find something like a luxury resort in there. What it has in abundance is a holiday experience in everything old-style, from the building to the remnants of yesteryear’s culinary heritages. In terms of food and beverages, the city is not big in fusion cuisines either, unlike what you will encounter in Bandung or Medan. However, the ones it does have are precious little gems of traditional piece of palatable dishes.

It is easier for you find where to go in semarang tourism with a map describing those places clearly. The map should be sufficient enough as a guide to navigate the city with clear direction. All the major attractions in Semarang can be visited and covered within a span of two days—three, if you want to also include some spots a bit further away from the city on your itinerary. But if you want to also cover areas that are less popular, it might take more than that to fully cover them properly. It is even possible for you to cover Semarang’s major attractions in one day provided that you’re okay with just the big ones. Here is what your one-day itinerary would look like:

  1. Sam Poo Kong Temple

This is temple enveloped in rich Chinese influences yet it does not seem to be dedicated to only one single denomination. In practice, the place is known to have been used for rituals by practitioners of Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism.

  1. LawangSewu

LawangSewu is the icon of Semarang. It was built by the Dutch, reused by the Japanese, and today is a landmark shrouded in mystery and histories.

  1. The Great Mosque of Central Java

The Mosque is the grandest in all Central Java and is one of the most visited sites in Semarang.



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